Visited again by the Department

Today the people from the Department that issue my visa paper work came by again to sign off that they saw me working. This should happen once a year, but as you’ll have seen in a previous blog ( Back on the plastic chairs of immigration) my passport needed to be renewed, so I was only issued with a visa for six months.

This set of paperwork is travelling gently through the system and, so far, has not had any issues. I shall continue to wait and then head to Immigration, God willing, at least a few days before April 30th, which is when my visa expires.


While the two officials were visiting, I had Mr C, Mr G and Mr B out with me. All three boys were turning on the charm and greeted the visitors in their sweet different ways. Mr B showed his shoe-putting-on skills and without any complaint crawled back and forth placing the tubes in the tunnels of the wooden toy. I was blown away, as he often gets impulsive and does something different if I’m not focused with him. This time the exercise was completed in seconds and that blew me away.


 He also gave some very polite wais, which are the hand gestures of greeting in Thai culture. Here is a little clip from YouTube about the Thai greeting…  Mr G tried too.


Mr G showed our activity board getting really into the door springs. 

Mr C showed his love for sitting with me and played with the new mirror balls.


At one point we were talking of the challenges of keeping the children healthy and well and preventing wounds. I was surprised to hear a senior member of staff from Bann Fueng Fah reply directly showing she knew why these things happen and that there was room for improvement. She seemed to be acknowledging the need for further staff development for those in a caring role for the children. I was surprised, firstly that she was aware and, secondly, that she would say it.

They headed out and I carried on with the activities. The kids had really impressed me. I got time to give Miss K an extra meal and feed another child.


Prayers for my visa would be wonderful at this time.

Nicola Anderson.


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