What a visitor can do on a day off

Sampran Riverside


Saturday – so Nicola, Sally and I took a trip by taxi to Sampran Riverside Thai Village to do a bit of tourism. 1Step2Step volunteers are free to do what they like at the weekend. I have the privilege and luxury of having two guides with a lot of previous experience of Thai tourism!

The Village is designed to give you a glimpse of Thailand’s local way of life, showing some of their various crafts and culture. The setting allowed us plenty of opportunity for photography. So here are a few of my favourites from the day.


Sally with a snake

Nicola Bamboo dancing

Thai kitchen

Thai traditional dance

Thai wedding

John learning Thai martial arts

But around us was colourful beauty.

Water lily


Another flower

One flower or many?

Another flower


Garland making

The Garland making takes flowers that are beautiful in themselves and makes something of a different type of beauty.


But would you believe that these ordinary vegetables could become these beautiful flowers?

Carved vegetable flowers

It’s about seeing potential isn’t it? And that made me think again about the children and the way Nicola sees potential in them. So here are a few of my favorite pictures from the week.

Every child was created by God and is loved by God and has a potential known only to God. Our job is to unlock that love and to unlock that potential. And we can only do that with your help. So thank you.

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