WACAP visit

The WACAP adoption agency, based in America, contacted Nicola Anderson to catch up after many years. Nicola was able to assist them to rekindle their relationship with the orphanage and restart advocating for Bann fueng fah children. They had struggled in the past to get cases completed with the department, but there is now new hope with this process. At the end of last week they met nine children for whom they could start trying to find families. This was a great day for all. Bann fueng fah were pleased that they had returned and met them with a great welcome and lots of food too. The children were so sweet and most were relaxed. We ask your prayers for the children involved in these cases to have families who want them and for the processes to go smoothly.

Here are a few pictures of the discussions taking place and the collating of information, photos and videos to help the group. [Click on a photo to enlarge it.]

Thank you to Lillian, Mary and Lindsey for pursuing this contact for the good of the children in this government home. It was a privilege to be able to assist with language and encouragement.

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