Water fun day in Thailand!

Here’s the latest report from Nicola Anderson about what the children have been doing in Thailand.

“Today the six 1Step2Step children enjoyed time in the orphanage’s pool, having one-to-one time playing and stretching. The children all have different needs for support, different abilities and different ways of enjoying life. S loves playing games involving chasing things that float, like rubber ducks (but today it was blocks). G loves face to face interaction. C loves to move and feel the pressure of the water as he sways. B was so brave today, walking in the water and floating. N did great with her leg stretches and calm body posture and Miss Newbie K, although unsure at first (first time ever in the pool), she loved the experience. All were great in the shower and liked having lotion on afterwards. On returning to the ward, many slept really soundly, although C didn’t even wait till he was on the ward and slept poolside.

We had a day mostly in the pool because the space I use for the 1Step2Step group on the ward’s patio was being used. I would not have been able to use the equipment, so it makes sense to take the kids in pairs and swim with them one by one instead of trying to do anything else.

It was a tiring day but worth the effort. Please pray that the children all stay healthy this weekend so no one can say they can’t swim in the future. Also pray that those tight limbs will be comfortable and relaxed more than usual because of the water time we had.”


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  1. I remember so well the great times and advantages gained by my C both in the hospital hydrotherapy pool and hotel swimming pools. He was in his element, with the water supporting him; he was like a fish. Swimming also gave him a sense of physical achievement. Hope you get lots of opportunity to use the pool.

  2. They mostly loved the swimming pool when on the holiday several years ago so I hope they all enjoyed it and were able to relax those muscles a bit better in water. Sounds like a fun day for all, even if tiring for you but well worth it.

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