Weighted blanket makes a difference

Here is Mr B enjoying the new weighted blanket. He loved it, as do all the others who have used it so far. We are so grateful to Susan for the idea and for funding it, the ladies who made it and the lady who donated the material. Cute dinosaurs on the flannel cotton material made it that bit comfier. No more will the children have to wait their turn to use the one and only weighted blanket.


Mr G played with straight legs after his stretching, because he was under the weighted blanket, which meant the muscles got an extended stretch, long after I could not get him to tolerate any more.

Miss K almost nodded off in a prone stretch with it over her in the bean bag. This young lady is not a big fan of independent play and in this position is often keen to express that, but not today.

Thank you all for this.

Nicola Anderson

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