What about the boys?

In the previous blog post, I spoke about the three girls, who were giving me many extra medical tasks and appointments to see doctors. It seemed that the boys were just hoping to get more of my attention.


Well the day after writing that, I come back from Miss K’s hip cast appointment in the late afternoon to find Mr C has a wound/ sore on the back right side of his head. It was swollen and red and had infected patches from rubbing the same patch in a dribble area of the mat. This needed his hair to be clipped so that cream could be applied. He also needs to be positioned off the sore area, which is not easy with this young man who has involuntary movements.


I was also told that Mr B was sleeping and had slept a lot in the day because he had a fever. Mr G was the only one who didn’t need anything medical checking or treating.

It just seemed so ironic after what I had said the night before and here the situation had changed again. Thankfully it’s all managable and not stressful.

Today Mr C’s wound is not swollen or red, but the infected patches still need to heal. I will continue the creaming and positioning. He did his exercises of standing, side lying and time chilling in the stroller, all with his head not rubbing, so that was good.

Mr B was awake and keen to come out of the cot. He had no fever and was not unstable. It was noticed that he creates less when in the cot than he used to in previous months, hanging his head on the cot rails and kicking the base with his feet through. This was noticed, as he was doing it a little today and that reminded the carer. It was short lived and not as intensly done as in the past.


Mr G somewhat made up for the others’ quieter behaviour today. He started well, ate smoothly, and did some great standing. I then needed to go to the office and print some papers, so thought I’d add that task to a walk for him and Miss K. Alas the computers were all struggling to work properly and there were more things people wanted me to do. Mr G got a bit cranky about this, which didn’t go down well with the staff. I see why he was miffed, but there was little I could do about it. The other option of not taking them out does not please them either and they are cross on the ward till I’ve got my jobs done and returned.

All the boys are doing better and you’ll see more regarding the girls in another blog post this week for them.

Prayers for these things are very welcome. Please know I write this from a place that is not stressed or struggling, more from a sense of the phrase: ‘when it rains, it pours’. It’s the way of disabled children’s needs in orphanages. It’s all manageable, but just many extras to do in a day.

Thank you all for your concern.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Hope Mr C’s sores are healing well. Hope they are coping with the frustrations of less attention but enjoy their time when you are able to give it. Hoping things settle down for them all so that you can get back it a routine again.

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