When equipment was stripped back to only a stroller…

On Saturday, the area I work in was turned into a temporary clinic for doctor assessments for staff and children. This meant that on Friday night all equipment had to be removed and stored elsewhere. Seems simple enough. Technically, it was, but it’s that extra drain physically that takes it out of me and the knowledge that I have to waste time which I could use with the kids bringing it all back on Monday.

If that was a potential niggling frustration, what actually happened really was a big frustration.

I arrived on Monday morning ready to put in that effort and then get focused to starting a positive week, only to find that a big VIP might possibly pop in, so the ward mum wanted everything clinical. Working with only two mats and a small number of toys was so hard. There was the small stroller too, because they had needed to transport a child to the nurse at some point and had not bothered to put that back.


Jessica arrived and we tried to make do. She would ask me who did I want her to work with and doing what and I would be a blank. It was agony to me to not be able to effectively exercise the children, apart from sitting them up in my arms or lying them on their side with me supporting them. We had out Mr G, Mr B and Miss K. After some time with a confused Mr B and a session for stretching for Mr G, I was ready to escape. With only one chair, we got Mr G in it, Mr B pushing it and I carried Miss K for a little walk, so I didn’t need to look at the area that was so bare and restricted.

We were just wrapping up the session, where we had hashed together some sort of therapy type activities, when the ward mum says the VIP is not coming, so I can get the equipment back.

Bringing all the equipment back in and trying to rid it of mosquitoes, the place slowly looked like my work space again. I was reminded at this time of limited resources, how blessed we are with all the equipment we do have and how much it makes the kids’ lives better. Mr C and Mr B do their standing in the standing frame and the strength in their legs improves. Mr B and Mr G can move about in the walkers. Everyone makes use of time on the peanut ball working on core strength and bouncing out those stiff joints. Sitting up straight in the strollers is good for a change of scene and change of pressure areas.

I guess this post should be called ‘you don’t know what you’ve till it’s gone’ or  frankly ‘I love our equipment’. I thank God for his provision of equipment.

This week we have been offered a beautiful wheelchair with minion spoke guards on the wheels and lovely posture support. I’ve not seen it yet to know who it will fit best, but having good quality supportive seats helps reduce spasms.

Thank you to our latest willing donor and to all those who have helped get the equipment we use and to get it here. God really has been good to us over the years.

Nicola Anderson

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