Williams family visit

For a week in July 2017, 1Step2Step enjoyed a visit from the Williams family and were blessed with their enthusiastic help.

On Sunday 16th July, Warrington Disability Partnership had a Disability Awareness Day and there was a small celebration in Thailand too. In the previous week we had done hand printing and created bunting flags. On the Sunday afternoon we took those flags in to decorate. We played with balloons with the 1Step2Step children and then played in the ward with the rest too. There were squeals of delight as the balloons bobbled about, pushed around by the fans.

 There was a busy day on the ward on Monday. Blessed with so many pairs of hands, we had all the children out and did parachute games and one-to-one activities.

On Tuesday we took a trip to Imaginia to play on DJ decks, two-storey slides and giant climbing nets. It is a lovely place with such friendly people, but we did have to change many wet nappies and ran out of jeans for the boys.

On Wednesday the Williams family were wonderfully helpful with a very productive cleaning day getting equipment and toys prepared for the children. Thursday was a short session of home bowling for two of children and then the rest of the group went to play real bowling at the mall. We had a KFC lunch for the children too. 

Friday was a morning of assessments for the younger children as Tracey is a physiotherapist. It was great to get her wisdom on the children’s muscle and skeletal issues. In the afternoon we took the whole group to the sensory room. The lights, music and cool air were lovely. 

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