Working with Miss K





Sweet little Miss K is the newest member to the 1Step2Step group and as such is much like a new book to read. Getting to know her personality and what motivates her to play and develop is one of the main tasks with new children. It’s clear with her that there is a difference in her muscle tone on her left side and right side, with the left being more affected.


You can see it in this movie as clear as day. Lying on her right hand side to use her left hand was challenging, but the will was there. The ability to move with the right hand was, as you can see, much easier. From this video, I can also see her ability to see cause and effect, strength in her hand eye coordination and that she has a little mischievous nature. All of these give me great hope that she will progress, if given activities that challenge her and give her successes.

The mischief in her nature is something I will nurture too, although I don’t think it will need much encouragement. Mr B opened the gate the other day, which was to my surprise that he had worked out how to do it and Miss K was in stitches laughing at him with a craned neck to see what he would do next. She will have some great teachers in our group for that.

Miss K is highly social too. She just loves to play with others and if in the stroller she often reaches to hold hands with those near her.

I guess I’m saying watch this space to see what successes we can manage with this little sweetie.

Nicola Anderson

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